Mummy surprise!

28 August 2012

Hi, it's Petra here today. Back in spring my son Hugo discovered gardening and was desperate to grow something himself in our garden. Last year he underwent  a serious operation and we used to put cream from marigold plants to heal his scar. So that's why his choice was the same plant. 

In April he planted the seeds and was patiently observing every week how they grow. Finally last month they were in full bloom and one day he came from the garden with words: " Mummy surprise! That's for you to make you happy and to know I love you..." It was wonderful. 
It was one of the moments when you think you child is just amazing and you are so happy being a mum. 
And then he made me a picture as well.....

See you next week! Petra

photos & styling by P.&V. Weiss

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