if I was getting married....11. (and about pink)

25 August 2012

I don't give special meaning to colours and I treat pink as another shade not an attitude and style of life. Of course too much pink could be sickening, but to me so as bright orange on kids and dark green next my face. 
So yes I do like pink, I wear it sometimes and don't have much of it at home, but I don't mind if my daughter occasionally put it on ( although she is actually not that bothered any more:). I don't believe that moderated pink in her life is going to change her into a sweet princess. Of course there are other things as characters on TV and books which are associated with all this talk, but that's completely another story....

So this time, I'm getting married and bathing in pink sweet bubble  of iced coffee, rum, peach and cream....but tastefully:)

listening to this....

all photos from here


  1. So glad I came across your blog. It's truly a visual feast!

  2. I rarely wear pink, but Ruby is still loving it (although it's fast becoming favored purple!). Love all the images you have here - beautiful.


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