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16 August 2012

shops in amsterdam
shops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdamshops in amsterdam
I love going into new shops, especially small boutique places that seems almost hidden, it's like finding a treasure somewhere you don't expect it.  
I read  a book - Amsterdam : Made by Hand,  before we went and it was my little guide. So thank you Pia! I bought a tea pot  in one of the shops and it's so sweet. lovely stuff on their site too...
by the way the first photo is a hairdresser window, but I liked it too much not to take a photo...


  1. The ever stylish Dutch. I loved discovering new places tucked around little streets. They reallyu do have a great eye for design and display.

  2. I know Victoria, I thought exactly the same, even on the streets everyone seems to look really great!:)

  3. ohh I so much want to go, I am currently planning a trip to Amsterdam in Sept, I a getting more and more business form there and would love to visit the design fair woonbeurs, I hope I can make it. You took some very nice photos, and visited very interesting shops. keep enjoying summer!

  4. Thanks Margarita! the design fair looks tempting!


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