in amsterdam

15 August 2012

Hi there, I'm back, recharged, full of ideas and projects. Thank you all for coming back. I hope you are having nice summer and have some time to relax.  I will be introducing a new contributor to this blog next week...can't wait:). But for now...

Couple of weeks ago we visited Amsterdam for a few days. The weather was fantastic, everyone relaxing, dining and drinking on their houseboats or by the river, looking chilled and cool. In the end we stayed in this hotel, which was great, ate in here, walked a lot , took the boat trip and did  a bit of shopping...I could easily live there. What a great city! tomorrow I show you few more photos from there through the shop windows...
see you later!


  1. It's some time since I visited wonderful Amsterdam. Your post has made me want to go again soon ... M x

  2. I've been to Amsterdam in the autumn when it rained and was pretty cold. Promised that I would go again one day when it was sunny. It was definitely a place I could live but my thoughts on all future homes is how it will be affected by climate change and concerned that it is sat below sea-level.

    1. Ye that's right Michelle, but I'm sure they will come up some solution. I really like Holland....

  3. As a Dutchy I'm proud of these pictures! :-) Lovely city is Amsterdam. Great pics you have made!

    Love Lisanne


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