21 March 2012


On Sunday we went to Shere. It's a little village not far from us and it's probably the most famous from the film Holiday. Have you seen it? When we got back A. played "the maps" with M. She loves talking  about capitals and countries. Her favourite is Australia...What a surprise? M. is trying to persuade the whole family of moving there for couple of years. I have never been, but he swears when I go I will instantly love it. Have you been?


  1. You will!!! I lived there for 3 years, and I'm dying to go back, but now I have formed a family of my own in Spain, so I don't think i can. Go if you have the chance, you can always come back ;)

  2. We've been there for a 2 months long holiday, it's a magic land! I dream about moving there, but with a big family formed in Europe it's almost not possible. However I am sure we will return at least for another adventure...
    Dea B.

  3. My man lived there twice for a period of two years each time. He loved it and would move back again tomorrow. I have never been but he says I would love it.

  4. I live in Australia and you would truly love it here! Maybe we could do a house swap like they did in Holiday :)

  5. i'm love with your blog, so beautiful. I'm from Boston but now live in Sydney, its unreal. x


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