27 June 2010

I've started to be slightly obsessed with Oliver Jeffers. I mentioned here before how I love his books and illustrations, but last months I discovered 'Lost and Found' film as well. Incredibly sweet, I don't even mind my daughter watches it over and over again. I also bought one of his posters for A. bedroom, can't wait to see it. Have you got any of his books? Does anyone have ' The heart and the bottle' ? if yes what do you think of it? M. thinks he is terribly overrated and this book isn't for children at all...probably not, but I like it:)


  1. I'm a massive Oliver Jeffers fan too. But I sort of agree with M about The Heart and the Bottle. I think the message is a tough and slightly confusing one for small children, though I love the book as an adult. I'm an independent bookseller and am much more confident in recommending The Book Eating Boy or The Great Paper Caper.

  2. I read "The heart and the Bottle" when you were here, and as I told you, I do not think it's for children but I think it's such a sensitive story... I am still thinking about it sometimes... it means a lot to me...

    Ps: regarding the design competition, first of all thank you V. :), and in fact you have to register first... if you need any help, let me know ;)

  3. This was adorable. I'm not familiar with his work, but I'm certainly going to look it up. Am very intrigued with "heart and the bottle" now....


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