4 June 2010

Long hours, happiness, tiredness, joy, my life this month. Thank you Sharon ( from Real Simple) for giving me this opportunity. Off to France for a week with M. and Anya to stay with our friends! Can't wait, exhaustion is knocking on a door. How are you ? anyone there?


  1. Have a great break v!

    Congratulations on Real Simple brilliant exposure for your business...{I love thta magazine}

  2. I love the picture with small artist the most. "Your hearts" are so beautiful... have a nice weekend!

  3. Enjoy your break. Sounds like you really need it.

  4. What a coup being in Real Simple! Enjoy your break with your family.

  5. I saw your work in Real Simple - completely adorable and a wonderful personal gift! Love it! Posting your work on my blog tomorrow morning! Check it out - http://jamigoldsmith-imagine.blogspot.com/


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