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16 December 2010

Sorry for long absence but there just wasn't enough hours in a day. Worked 18 hours a day last couple of weeks, still have bits to do but almost there. The house is without buildres now, but without any Christmas decoration, tree, presents for family as well:). I had nightmares with deliveries, waiting for currier companies for over a week, I personally been waiting for Amazon delivery for over 15 days and still not here, apparently another snow catastrophe is coming this weekend... what about start getting organized England ? :) it's only snow. Love these oversized posters by the way..
Picture 43Picture 45Picture 42Picture 46

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  1. Totally agree re the UK getting prepared for this kind of weather. Its no longer good enough to say this weather is unexpected or unusual - its not. This is the kind of winter the future holds and everyone needs to be ready for it. Now thats off my chest, its good to see you back. Hope the Christmas prep can now get underway in your house and you can enjoy some quiet time.


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