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6 July 2012

Love the look but not sure if I'd have the courage to wear the skirt. What about you? and although I don't really like the cushions on the sofa, the whole room looks great and I could easily live there...

Yesterday I worked 17 hours, yes I did, so today finishing at lunchtime, hopefully and going for run and maybe just try to relax a bit?

Few links for you: 

This is really interesting..did you know there is 875.000 shops on Etsy and it's valued $600 mil and 69% of their customers don't have kids ? the full article here

beautiful living room, how to rock green wall...

vintage styled wedding with cool invitations

So have a lovely weekend and let me know would you wear that skirt? 


  1. Love the skirt. I'd like to think I would wear it if it was in my wardrobe. Though it looks like it might be a bit pricey for my wardrobe.

  2. Yes i would wear the skirt...any ideas where it is from?

  3. I'd love to wear that oufit. So Yes to that, But No to the room - also dislike the cushions!
    Happy weekend.

  4. I'm too short to wear that skirt...even if they made it in Size Tiny, I'd look like a little girl playing dress-up. Love the bold pattern, though.


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