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16 November 2010

When I see a stripy top I'm hooked. This time a stylish pretty lady and husband team called Emersonmade. Well done in styling, simple wearable fashion, pretty details (love the fabric flowers) and cool photos. Have you got any time favourites when it comes to clothes? mine would be a striped top, white vest, tan leather bag, white linen, cashmere jumper and good pair of jeans ...and from here I could wear pretty much everything...
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  1. Me too. I've been admiring her style and clothes for ages now. Love the shapes and colours, and particularly the striped top under the trench coat, with sleeves rolled up. They had a gorgeous skirt with pockets in the summer that I kept dreaming about. Perfect. How nice that they are wife and husband too. Now I just need to order something.

  2. Those trousers are wonderful. I love stripes as well!

  3. Ha ha, I'm just like this. I really am a sucker for a stripy top. I think my default setting is stripy as my wardrobe is full of them!

  4. Never heard of them. Thanks for sharing. Love this style.

  5. I also love strips. When I see a striped top, I try to convinse myself that it is completely different than the ones I have at home (anyway some people ware only black and have no problem with it, why not just stipes???). Sometimes in the morning when my three kids and I are ready to go out, I realize we are all in stripes...

    Bon week-end!


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