one dress = three outfits

24 November 2009

Isabelle from Dos Family got married two years ago and made these dresses for herself and her daughter from an outfit she bought in a vintage shop (the dress cost her around $100). And now after a while, little tutu from the leftovers. I so love it!!
It brings a lot of my memories and my sister would tell you few...I used to sew and customize my own clothes a lot, especially when I was a teenager. I made miniskirts from my old granddads coats lining, bags from jumpers, necklaces from rusty old keys...and the speed I was making the outfits in! Friday evenings ( just before my dates or parties) was my favourite time for this :)


  1. How beautiful!! I love the idea of whipping something up before heading out for a night on the town. Too bad it would take a week just to make it onto my To Do List!

  2. :) I have it very similar now...My list is very very long:)


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