my (hotel) (bed) room

28 September 2011

I finished decorating our bedroom last week. After having bare walls for 4 months I decided that in the end I just can't live with the raw industrial look, and although I love it on photos and in magazines I find it to hard to live with. And I'm not even talking about M. who is incredibly conventional when it comes to decorating. As I love staying in hotel rooms,  I wanted to do one for myself. Darker, cosy and welcoming. My thoughts were : black wall, large linen headboard, big curtains...In the end I tried to work with things we already had, armchair from the top floor, rug from downstairs etc. Painted wall, wallpapered another, black blinds, linen curtains, couple cushions....I have only one little dislike about the room and that's the radiator, which I think buy cover for ....What do you think?

wallpaper : cole&son, bedding : zara home+laura ashley, yellow cushion: graham & green, flowery cushion: zara home, armchair & rug : laura ashley, poster Everything Was Beautiful : here , poster Non Je Ne regrette rien: my shop

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  1. What a pretty, cozy room!
    Have nice dreams!

    ♥ Franka

  2. I wouldn't regret "rien" either. I've slept in hotels my share of it and I wish I had found a room like that, at least once. You can now enjoy it everyday. Life is not fair :-)

  3. Wow - you did a fabulous job. I really thought it was a hotel room when I first looked at the photographs. Love the colour of that mustard yellow cushion. Radiators are always difficult to deal with, especially the run of the mill home ones. I have a huge ugly one in my living room that I'm still trying to decide what to do with.

  4. GORGEOUS!! I love every detail, and the color palette is sophisticated but calming ;)

  5. wow, this is a dream coming true bedroom! i wish i could lay there, it all looks very cozy but stylish at the same time. well done!


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