tuesday 6.7.10

6 July 2010

First of all I have to say a huge thank you for your great comments. THANK YOU! it means a lot.
I had a very good week, long summer evenings in the garden and I even managed to do little bit of gardening. Trip to the coast felt so great, time to stop and relax.
We also did some crafting projects with A. but I'm running out of ideas, as you can see:) She is still too small for using scissors, she can do little bit of gluing, drawing and painting. I have been looking for inspirational websites, project, craft etc. for kids her age (2), but none of them was really helpful. By the way why they all have to be so horribly designed ? flashing adverts etc.? any recommendation?

And now couple interesting links from my weekend blog browsing. Great bed! I especially like the use of pallets as we had something similar with my sister when we were teenagers. We had pallets instead of bed base with mattress on top of it, I loved it...details of this project here
I have been recently thinking about sewing again. I originally studied fashion and there were times when I was able to sew a winter coat, proper pattern cutting and all that lot. These days I do cushion covers. But this site is so cute, I feel really tempted to do couple tiny tops, coats, skirts...oliver +s.
Summer coffee dessert at my favourite delicious site Sunday Suppers.
And yet another Scandinavian home, white walls, bright light, wood, clean lines and simplicity. And this house doesn't disappoint. I LOVE the beams and the kitchen. This family home is in Denmark, country on my wish to go list. Have you ever been there?
See you next Tuesday! have a great one!


  1. Janne - Copenhagen, Denmark6 July 2010 at 18:08

    Beeing from Denmark I have LOL!! You should come it's nice here. And yes we love white walls and wood and LIGHT. The daylight in Denmark is very important to us - the winter is SO dark you would not belive unless you saw for yourself - I think - no I KNOW - thats why we have white walls - to bring in the daylight. So come in the summer - the nights are SO long only a few hours of dim ......

  2. Great to hear you've had some R 'n' R time. Ruby is 22 months and she's really enjoying Play Dough now - a few cookie cutters, a little rolling-pin and some things to make shapes with, and lots of squashing. Stickers are also good - nothing fancy or expensive and she loves sticking them all over a piece of A4. Love that coffee dessert. We were thinking about Denmark but have now decided to go to Cornwall and explore a little bit of England for the first time since Huzz and I were kids.

  3. I would love to know if you do find any great crafty type websites for toddlers as I'm after some inspiration for things to do with my little girl.

  4. Great post V, love the house you have posted and I too love that food blog. A good blog for A could be Playful Learning. Lots of ideas.

  5. Sewing is sooooo hard for me! Especially when the sewing machine gets all screwy on me. It makes me wanna tear my hair out! But I do love sewing, I can make stuff, so long as a machine expert is there to babysit.

    But there are some amazing talented sewing people out there.....I suppose it just takes practice, and patience with yourself.


  6. Me too! If you find any good crafting sites for toddlers. Maybe even something that a boy would like! h. is just getting into drawing.

    ANd I love that Scandinavian home!


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