have you got a secret?

2 December 2011

photos from here: vanessa, lolita poster, hot pink lips, tatoo, sitting girl, face, art 1 , art 2black wall, girl in jeans, long skirt lady, dining room

I have been working really hard this week so I'm looking forward to more Christmas decorating with A., drinks with friends, and hopefully a lot of sleep this weekend. Anya's been so excited to open her advent calendar every day, so sweet. 

Few links for your weekend:

interview with Donna

lovely etsy shop

Xmas at Muji

a garden in my apartment - incredibly interesting

gift guide for minimalists, lovely

 LOVE! - have you got a secret? I started watching one and couldn't stop....

have a good one!


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for linking to my glitter tags. I love your site!
    Julee @warmhotchocolate.com

  2. i plan to do a bit of christmas decorating this weekend myself! yayyyy!



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