have a great weekend!

16 December 2011

Our shop is now closed for Christmas, anything ordered after today will be dispatched in January. I'm feeling pretty exhausted working 16 hours a day this whole week. But also very pleased and grateful for all the people out there supporting our shop and my work. I leave you with some pretty people and interesting interiors.

have a lovely weekend!


  1. Wow ! The guys are handsome... **drool**

  2. Well hello there! I nearly choked on my tea when I clicked on your blog page and found Mr Depp staring at me with that "how you doin'!" expression!! LOVE the Depp!! He is in a new vampire film too, sigh. Hope you are going to have a nice break after all your hard work!

  3. oh, yes...we have closed too and looking forward to a cozy and relaxed weekend with our love ones...hope you will have one, too...all the best, a magical Christmas and a wonderful Start in an exciting new year 2012...take care and always so thankful for all your wonderful inspirations...cheers and hugs...i..

  4. Really beautiful pictures! Thanks for all the inspiration your blog is giving to me ... but now enjoy a couple of hopefully nice and realxed days.

    Wish you a very lovely weekend.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and an awesome 2012.

    Very best wishes.


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