I want spring

9 February 2012

Although the first house is very cool and classy I think I would much rather move into the second one, with warm light coming through the windows, fresh green grass outside and wooden floors...I like winter very much but I'm getting into a stage now when I'd like to see flowers and sun....
all photos from here


  1. I love every single image in this post - Thank you for the inspirations hun :)
    You have a great eye for style and design.
    Stu for http://whatwilsonwants.blogspot.com/

  2. oh, this is amazing! my dreamhouse :)
    actually i love winter, but not -20 degrees. that´s cruel.

  3. The houses are amazing, great inspiration.

    Love reading your blog :)

    Valentina de Pertis

  4. Really like how the accent colors in the top photos really make the rooms come alive. The subtle touches of color really work well. Love the chairs.

    The only thing missing would be some sort of statement art piece. What do you think about the art on the walls. Not sure it really works?


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