8 February 2012

I love having this blog and it's amazing how you can almost become a friend with someone who you never met, have things in common and probably loads to talk about. While ago a lady,who happens to be a stylist and interior designer, sent me a lovely email about their orders from my shop, my work and just one of those really nice uplifting sweet emails...Since then Petra has finished one of her projects, where she used some of our posters and we also exchanged few emails. With that she sent me these photos of the finished house and how good is our poster in the first photo?:) Thank you so much!

photos taken by Petra's husband Vladimir Weiss  he is a professional photographer, more of Petra's work


  1. Love your poster with that chair and love the wallpaper in the bedroom in the bottom photo. I totally agree what fun it is to meet random people from all around the world through blogging.

    By the way, I loved your heart art that you had up in your dining room last Valentine's Day and just featured it on my WISH (Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home) Wednesday photo, which you can see here:


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