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24 February 2012

Yes as you might have guessed I have a dilemma over Farrow & Ball paint chart. They really don't make things easy. Just the the manes of the paints make you tempted. I mentioned last week that our living room wall/s needs painting. Most of the room is painted white. Initially I thought about wallpaper, sort of fake wood planks or panelling but I after I suddenly got wallpapering bug last year and did 3 walls in our house already and leave it. So paint it is. 
I eliminate colours downstairs now to white, black, grey, beige, tiny bit dark yellow, gold, and green. The first two photos is our home. I like mixing old stuff with b&w photos, a bit of Scandinavian white mixture with eclectic mish mash. 
We have two black walls in our home now. One on the top floor bedroom and one on a landing. Although I love it the paint is really matt and show absolutely everything. Not a great choice with 3 kids. I don't want paint the wall in silk as it just looks so much better in dark colour/ matt. 
Railings is very tempting, but perhaps too dark for the room. 
So my choices are Castle Grey, Pigeon, Lamp room Grey, Manor House...Oh my..are you still there? :) ...not sure really. 
Help, has anyone painted with Farrow & Ball? any tips for darker colours? Off to buy sample pots. I keep you posted. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

couple links for your weekend: 

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photos: 1.2 + last one - me, 3. + 4 - farrow & ball book, sofa and purple rug, yellow rug, living room - farrow & ball book, fireplace + bedroom, blue wall


  1. My vote is for the castle gray. I love the dark matt choice, the matt seems to make a room go on beyond and expand, satin & gloss finish seem to stop you in your tracks. Your vase with blossoms on the table is stunning :)

  2. i can be of no help because i love them all! the floors are gorgeous, and that purple poof..
    ooo la la!
    i'm up for choosing the same and it isn't easy, good luck and keep me posted on what you decide!

  3. I love Castle Grey and have used it for the wooden window frames in my barn/summer house. But I know it can be reeeeeeaaally hard to make a choice with Farrow and Ball, there are so many lovely colours!

  4. Hi, I'm new to your blog. It's lovely.
    I spent a couple of months with big pieces of paper pinned to my wall with Farrow and Ball colours, there's so many wonderful colours. I painted one wall in my living room in Farrow and Ball's Plummett. It's looks great with light walls.
    I was amazed how flat and perfect it dries too, although I ended up with water getting on it and it's left a mark. A little paranoid about touching it, but paint hardens in time so I'm sure it'll be ok :)
    I think all matt paint marks easy, the only paint i've had that doesn't is dulux endurance which is matt too. I'm thinking of using that for a black wall.
    Manor House grey looks lovely, it was a true grey when I tried it out.
    Have fun with you samples, look forward to seeing what you choose :)

  5. Thank you all for your advise, still waiting for couple sample pots then I will all let you know the progress!


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