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22 February 2012

I have added new items to the shop. Favourite Song Framed Picture and Wedding Vows/ Poem Framed Picture.  We have done these in past loads of times but words were printed into the hearts and then cut. This time I created a little book where text of your choice can be printed. The printed sheets are then carefully spaced and connected into a little book. Thank you all for your help the other day when I ask you what was your favourite song:)

The picture comes in small size (25x25cm), has either white or black frame with glass front, and 3 different coloured backgrounds. White, coffee, charcoal. You can also add personalized message after your chosen lyrics or poem. 

Simple, sentimental, thoughtful and made with care and love....

Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Mother's Day.....


  1. So beautiful and sentimental, I would have absolutely loved it if someone gave me these!

  2. How brilliant Veronika! I am a MASSIVE fan of putting my favourite song lyrics everywhere and this is a great way to do ti! So did you end up with a final song for your example? What was it?

  3. Simply elegant what a wonderful way to display a precious memory x


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