autumn decoration

21 October 2009

When we were little kids we used to do this little autumn decoration with my mum. Today I went to the park with A. and I remembered...I used to love it. We would go out with my sister and come back with full bags of leaves and then spent the whole afternoon arranging them around the house. Although A. is only 16 mth. she was helping with the leaves and thoroughly enjoyed herself. It is incredibly simple, doesn't cost anything and very effective. And your kids might enjoy it as well:)
1. that is all you need...leaves, needle, some cotton thread or I used elastic wire, the leaves are very light so it doesn't really matter..
2. that is what you do... and then just give it a good shake outside ( this is for those who are worried of insects etc:) and attach it to some existing fittings ( poles, light fittings, blind fitting etc.)
3.4. voila !


  1. hmmmm..... lovely! smell of the leaves, colour....fragile "swishy" sound...memories....

  2. Compliments!

    You'v got such an enspiring blog.
    Thanks for letting us in.

    Have a nice day!

  3. thank you very much.. and thanks for coming in!

  4. Pretty, just like your whole blog. Have a happy Halloween week!

  5. wow, what a great idea, it looks just wonderful...!!!


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