23 October 2009

I'm off to New York next weekend for the first time! We are already leaving on Tuesday and going to see my family for couple of days and leave my little daughter with them for a week. I'm really worried because she has never been without me :(
But weekend question for everyone! I know what I want to see there ..... BUT.. ...What should I really go to see ?????? we staying for 4 days....Have a lovely weekend everyone:)



  1. oh you're lucky! I absolutely loved the small but fantastic galleries in Chelsea. Great art to see there. Oh and MOMA! enjoy your trip x x

  2. I have never been either! You will have a great tiem I am sure of it! :)

  3. oh you lucky thing; visit The Top of The Rock, great view of the whole city, better the the Empire State view..i think

    Have a wonderful time :-)

  4. thank you all :) my list of 'must see' is getting longer and longer:)


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