simplicity...but where do you put all your things ?

13 October 2009

This Elle Decoration here in UK is all dedicated to simplicity. Here are few collages I made from my favorite images. I love it. White walls, splashes of color, clean lines, few pieces of furniture...but where do people put all their stuff? books, photos, clothes, memories...I call myself minimalist, I hate clutter, I make regular trips to charity shops, I basically declutter for the whole family. But I still find it very difficult to have everything organized in 3 bedroom house with one toddler and "part time" teenagers. I think it's just size of the house, it must be the size of the house!.....perhaps one day we can have 6 bedrooms, living room, playroom, study, tv room, utility room, second living room, library, dressing room......what else? what about you? how do you cope with your space?


  1. I'm like you - I go on a decluttering mission every few months. It's the best feeling!

  2. I know it feels so great afterwards:) unfortunately my husband doesn't share my feelings:)

  3. i think of it this way - a small house (we have two adults, two kids, two cats in a tiny house) makes me declutter. we can't consume as much, we know how to spend time together, and we get to regularly contribute to the thrift shops we frequent.

    now if only our house had some natural light...ahh, that would be nice.

    great magazine inspiration!

  4. thank you:) and thanks for stopping by:)

  5. Hum, Love your inspiring blog, so good picks from everywhere!


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