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18 January 2010

Today I visited Top Drawer and I have seen a lot of interesting products and designs. But one stood out more then the others. The Arthouse is a non profit centre where the majority of artists have severe epilepsy or learning difficulties.To reduce epileptic seizures , it is important the brain is occupied and interested. So they try to do it here through screen printing, painting and drawing. In their own words: " The inspirational work our artist produce is insight into a different way of seeing the world. The freedom of expression and uninhibited mark making makes for very desirable, engaging and honest artwork that has both humour and warmth and inspire us all. We aim to develop pride and self worth for all involved."
They also have a little online shop where you can buy their products. All profit goes back to the charity. I personally love the crocodile t-shirt, people print, the queen t-shirt , captain peanut t-shirt...I'm definitely buying some :)
See you later...

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  1. cool stuff! xx cat
    CiTiEs of B

  2. :))) I applied for voluntary job at THIS arthouse :)))

  3. did you? and how did it go ?

  4. sent on monday- still waiting for a reply.

  5. yes, right...great cool the t-shirts...;)...


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