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28 January 2010

I seriously needed some space for my work so after hours and hours of thinking we decided to create a working space for me in our kitchen/dining room. It gives me a lot of working space, storage (still not enough, but much, much better then before), and a lot of day light. As we are planning to build, hopefully a large extension into to a loft next year, this space is temporary, therefore I didn't want to spent a lot of money. I'm very familiar with Ikea ( worked for them for bit), I think I know all their catalogue names (joking), so I chose to use their kitchen cabinets as a base, and kitchen worktop.

How to do it:
If you ever decide to do something similar:
Use Faktum kitchen cabinets- Faktum frames and then you can choose different front doors. I bought Applad white.
Type of the cabinets - above fridge/freezer. These cabinets (above fridger/freezer) are perfect high ( together with supporting legs- stainless steel Capita) and depth. The normal kitchen base cabinets are too high, and wall cabinets too shallow.
If you don't need that much working space, you can use for the base, wall cabinets as well ( they are only 37cm to normal 60 cm depth) and cut the depth of the work top or Besta bookcase cabinets are great too and have drawer option as well. I wanted solid oak worktop, but it is temporary solution, so I bought oak veneer ( I think is Gimmon, can't find it on website..Solid wooden top, but it's hollow, so cheaper. I had to use two, they don't do long enough).
Too late to make day photos so couple night ones.
I've just ordered new chair for myself, can't wait:) and also need to buy some lampshades. Not sure what colour...I have one , but it is little bit tired, and ideally two matching ones would be nice. When is all finished next week I will post some more pictures, promise:)

have a look at this! :):) found on minor details
and one more thing...Thank you again Mrs. French! ( very much)..


  1. Oh, you are so clever. Can't wait to see the finished room.

  2. Perfect idea. I like it!

  3. Super! You are so skilful and creative!

  4. I wish I had you DIY skills. I love the top of your work table.

  5. thanks Rachel:) it's just practise...:)

  6. This is a great workspace solution! Which IKEA cabinet bases/sizes did you use, and which legs? I am not as familiar and don't have a store nearby.

  7. hi Amber, I just changed the post and put names and descriptions as well. thanks V.

  8. just saw your pics on flickr, love your style!

  9. Hello! I stumbled upon this project and love it. My question is about the wood top: I don't understand what you're saying it is or where you got it. Can you clarify?

    Thanks - looks great!


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