this Christmas

3 January 2010

I had long lazy breakfasts with family...
warm evenings with candles, presents, wine and family...
walks ...with family...
days out ...with family...
It was great to stop for couple of weeks, forget about work, internet (almost:) and spent time with my parents, sister and her boyfriend. I got wonderful presents, some absolutely amazing! drank a lot, slept a lot a liked it a lot..I feel very positive about this year. Can't wait for all the adventures and great things. Bring it on 2010 ! what about you? did you have a good Christmas ?


  1. It sounds like a perfect holiday! Mine went by too quickly but it was lovely as well. Happy new year to you!

  2. Happy Healthy 2010 to you and your family!
    Gorgeous pictures, beautiful!
    We had a great Xmas and have spent our New Years Eve/day in Amsterdam with my family. Great fireworks and great food :o)
    Love your home V!!
    Have a wonderful year!

  3. Looks almost perfect ;)

    Our chrissy was lovely too, warm and happy here in oz :)



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