fresh new week

15 February 2010

Hello everyone! Sorry for not being around but I just didn't want to bore you with the same old story, how busy or tired I was. After three weeks of doing night shifts, making pictures, I'm back to normal life. Over this weekend I had time to do big clear out, loads of stuff went to the loft, charity shops, shed (which is bursting) bin, ebay...Oh I love decluttering!
I'm really pleased with my new work space. I might move the photo gallery somewhere else, change the lampshades...but for now it's perfect.

I did want to say one more thing...thank you! to all my customers, not on the hight street, apartmenttherapy, petitandcutedesign, alovelyescape blog, fleuravenue, hapi-ness, iadorestyle and to all other kind people who mentioned my pictures last couple of weeks.
And what about you? how have you been?


  1. You've been busy! Your new desk area looks really great. Great clock too.

  2. It looks lovely! What a clean and fresh work space. There's nothing better than sitting down inspired in a place where you can breathe, find things, and spread out once again!

  3. I just found your blog! Am so excited.... I love it! Great inspiring.

    And as for decluttering..I adore it as well. I like what nancy said... "a clean and fresh work space"!

  4. Looks like a fantastic place to work!

    I have also just stumbled upon your blog and can't wait to have a good read! It looks fabulous.

  5. thank you ladies:) and yes it does feel good to be able to breathe and find things Nancy:)

  6. Oh I do love your work area. You've done an amazing job.


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