in need of sun

26 February 2010

where is spring? it has been raining and raining. The weather is just so depressive! I need sun, blooming trees, my white vests, flip flops, linen trousers, glass of wine outside, light, warmth....
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M. has got a birthday today so we off for drinks with friends and this weekend ?...Mother's day is approaching here in UK and I'm getting busier, so there will be some work and hopefully some nice weather..please:)What about you ? any plans for this weekend?
thank you very much Victoria ( I feel very flattered ) and I can't help myself, sorry...have a look at this sneak peak on design sponge, last photo.I'm sooo full of myself:)...
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
photos boden


  1. a fabulous splash of colour in my day! i love that blue bag1

  2. Ah the latest Boden catalogue reached you too !!! Yes, mine is looking a little worn out already due to all my browsing. My shopping list is getting longer! Love that dress, and that rain jacket and that cropped jacket, and swimwear etc etc. Bring on the summer!

  3. oh i like that blue bag as well :-) i am soooo with you on needing some sunshine!!!


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