today I sent my heart no.136

3 February 2010

As you might have guessed, due to lack of my posting I have been extremely busy. I know, again, but this time I'm really BUSY!. Today I sold picture 136! (started selling mid of Oct.)Big thank you to my husband, huge support and time provider, and to you all for that wonderful feedback and comments. I also read so many comments around web, about 'copying' my hearts, makes me feel quite special:)... I won't be posting for rest of the week, have a great one!


  1. A busy time of year for you...that is great, will miss your posts but totally understand.

  2. i can understand...sometimes there is so much to do...congratulations to your wonderful success...have a great, but not too stressful week...;)...cheers ines

  3. Rock on!!! I'm so delighted that you have found success with your stunning work! See you on the other side of Valentine's day?!


  4. That is such great news. I will miss your posts, but you have a pretty good reason for being off air for a week or so.
    Love how your office has turned out by the way.

  5. Hi :) just wanted to say hello as I have recently found your blog and hopefully its okay with you but have added you to my bloglist and am looking forward to reading lots more :)
    Lesley x

  6. more links to your wonderful hearts!

    ps.please don't think I spend my days reading design blogs; obviously I'm far to busy for that! ;-)

  7. thank you everyone:):):) and Laura thank you for all the links!:)


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