claire basler

22 March 2010

Is an artist living on the outskirts of Paris. Her home/studio is a large former iron factory and I find it extremely interesting. There is no border between her work and home. Her large paintings are part of the living space and branches in vases ( I would say more part of the trees) and flowers are everywhere. Light, green, fresh, alive...same as her paintings. Be sure to check her website. Beautiful...
but what do you think? could you live like that? or do you prefer to separate work and home ?close the door when you finish....or does it change when you have a family, children...?
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  1. Very neat! I would love that!

  2. oooo i would love to live like this!!! so cool.

  3. I love her style, but have to admit, I think for me with my two girls, living and working in the same place would ideal, as long it was separate from our home life/living area.
    D x

  4. I love it too, but I think lately I would prefer to have one big room, full of my papers and frames and to be able to close and open the door whenever I want to.

  5. What a great home / studio. I think I'd need more of a division between work and home - its hard enough trying to keep away from the computer as a blogger, let alone have 'real' work around me! Love the colours in her space - fresh and spring like.

  6. oh my....what a lady and what talent!
    ...Thank You for sharing this posting.
    These photos are so fun to look at....I will e-mail my Mother-in-Law right away w/ your link. She will love this.
    could I live like this?
    Oh .... Yes...!


  7. Some times there is no choice but to work at home. I am a painter that lives in a loft in Midtown Atlanta. I like to paint large but the lack of space is making it hard.However,right now, I am painting some terracotas and I am enjoying it very much. My inspiration is a rubber plant and some stories.

    I love Claire Basler work.I discover her not long ago. We paint plants and nature. I find that there are aspects of our work that are common. I defenetly would love to have her space. Although, I like the fact that I live in the city,ten blocks from the High musuem, Atlanta


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