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22 May 2010

The weather is beautiful, real summer, weekend has just started and I have been working and I will continue to work non stop for a while. I had to close my shop for a week so I can catch up with orders as it went absolutely crazy after I was featured in Real Simple, in their summer gift guide. Amazing, very grateful, but very tired. So this uplifting orange doze should do the trick. Isn't it wonderful, just little pops of this colour, combinations with white, grey, black....all photos houzz
By Steven Harris Architect modern kids
Hermes Orange Staircase (via Colour Me Happy) eclectic staircase
Leslie <span class=
color combos - orange
<span class=
and this is doing the trick as well...
lemonade, flip flops, doors wide open to the garden and listening to this and this while working......have a lovely weekend everyone!.........


  1. I adore orange right now & canary yellow! I love your artwork, it's beautiful. Hope you get a break over the weekend - enjoy the sun!

  2. Enjoy the sunshine and the weekend. We are big Foo Fighers fans too. Right now we are playing over and over again the Black Eyed Peas The E.N.D Ruby is even requesting songs and humming tunes!

  3. although orange is not my favorite color these pictures are stunning

  4. Hi,
    I just saw your Framed Hearts featured in Real Simple magazine-Congratulations!

  5. This house was pretty and bold!


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