the selby is in your place

6 May 2010

There's this thing we New Yorkers do when we walk down the street. We look in the windows of the other people's apartments. We don't do it in a creepy, stalker way. It's nothing like that at all. We do it more in curios, maybe even competitive way, although that's not to say it's in a negative way either.... (The Selby In Your Place).
I went a little bit crazy at Amazon last week and bought loads of books and this is one of them. Homes and studios, famous and infamous people, interesting, strange, full of details, little stories, incredibly interesting.


  1. Wow, check out all those books!!!

  2. I know! how would you arrange those:)? Karl Lagerfeld's studio...

  3. I order this glad that you featured it, as I felt it was an unnecessary purchase...but if you recommend it then it must be a good buy!!!

  4. This looks like a great book! I want it now:)


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