the best of czech design 3. and maxim velcovsky

13 September 2010

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maxim velcovsky is a one of the Czech Republic leading modern artists. Most of his work is in porcelain and you might have seen his 'Little Joseph' candlelight's or wellington boot vase before. He also designs and redesigns places including a church. What do you think? I personally really like 'pure cup' and a bowl in a shape of Czech Republic.


  1. Totally LOVE his work!! I saw some of his pieces in my trip to Prague this Summer.

  2. He he! I realise you wrote this ages ago, but I'm currently reading my way through your archive (and enjoying it very much btw). Just had to comment here as my aunt who lives near Prague, gave me the PURE cup a few years ago and we use it for our toothbrushes! Hmm, may take them out and put the cup in a safer place - had no idea it was by anyone in particular!


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