30 September 2010

I have been spending a lot of time lately over at trendland. From beautiful advertising campaigns from 
Boysen Paint, to white on white photos from Jelte Janmaat to instant spray clothing, fashion, interiors, design...great stuff! and that instant spray clothing will be on sale from next year, a can for about $15, you can wash it and wear again! new generation, very futuristic. What do you think? head over for more inspiration....
Picture 13Picture 14Picture 10Picture 12Picture 11Picture 9pacific-paint-ad-jellyfish-600x457


  1. wow... is this real... thats the craziest thing I have ever hear off

  2. I am coming over from etsy, because I love love your work.
    Your frames are just so adorable...
    Happy Sunday evening!
    Love from Amsterdam


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