this weekend

25 October 2010

Hi! how are you? Our loft extension is in full speed, surrounded by scaffolding, moving things around the house ( again, I know) trying to find space for all that very important stuff and creating a new work space for me.  Yuppie! I'm actually sitting in my new room right now and feels so good. Not really a new room, it's one of our bedrooms but as we are creating a new one, possible two at the top I couldn't wait and move in:) I will post some photos soon. Between painting, clearing and organizing we also had a nice weekend with another long autumn walk, visiting Winkworth Arborethum. Note the second photo, colour matching outfit ( blue door - blue jeans, red leaves - red boots:) only just noticed...


  1. Lovely autumn walk photos. So great to be outdoors at this time of year when the sun is shining. Good luck with the loft conversion work.

  2. Winkworth Arborethum is an amazing place especially in autumn. You should pop in for a coffee as I live in Godalming :)

  3. I should have :):) I have actually never been to Godalming...


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