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1 November 2010

You know the situation when you come across something really interesting and then you spend hours following the links of website, blog, flickr and so on...That's what happened to me yesterday. I discovered Saipua. One of my childhood dreams is to be a florist. Very romantic... I love putting flowers together, creating bouquets, putting them in separate little glasses, cups ...So I find photos of flowers arrangements, combinations of colours, settings and all that together is incredibly inspirational. 

amnesia2IMG_8655snowberry 3
Saipua is a Brooklyn based company founded by Susan, who started with handmade soaps and now owned by Sarah and Eric. I spent ages looking at their wedding bouquets, exactly as they should be, large, full, unusual and oh so beautiful. Want to see more?  - websiteblog , and a little flower school ( flower school run by Sarah and Nicolette ) ....happy Monday everyone!

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  1. I also discovered Saipua some time ago and was absolutely smitten. They do the most amazing bouquets ever.


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