this weekend

28 January 2011

are you doing anything interesting? I will be painting another black wall in our house! yep..having dinner party with friends and going to football with my dad and M.. Yes ..not excited about seeing my first 'big' football match in zero temperatures but some things has to be done:) have a good one! click on the photos to see the source
looking into the guest bathgrahamatkinshughesnew4dsc05428_113576048blackwall2black strapGotland workspace_V7V3923


  1. I have to say i love a dark wall! Off to the park with children...then a dinner party tonight without children! Enjoy your weekend. Dayle

  2. I love that yellow piece of furniture.

  3. enjoy your first football match! I'm relocating to London for a week so if you have no plans for next weekend come and say hello ;)

  4. Are you really painting another wall black? I've been thinking about doing it in our living room but afraid I'm overdoing it. Looking forward to seeing your results.

  5. Emma,

    yes I'm :)I love the first one so much...this one is on the first floor landing, it's only small, I post the photos next far we have only two:)

  6. Martina,

    if you have a sec can you email me, your profile doesn't show any details, it would be great to meet up..finally:)


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