17 March 2011

Last week I visited my sister in Prague for couple of days. Prague is very cultural, with a lot of history, romantic and full of little streets and surprises. Best time to go in my opinion is late spring or Christmas. If you ever decide to visit Prague, let me know and I can give you a few tips for non touristy restaurants, galleries and places. No I'm not paid by a travel agency ( just proud to be Czech living in London)....


  1. Very nice pictures from *The GOLDEN TOWN*!


  2. Gorgeous photos! My husband's family is from Prague and I have been fortunate enough to visit several times. I would love to hear your tips on places to go - our visits tend to centre on the pubs! :)

  3. I'm going to be there in THREE WEEKS- can't wait- never been and it's my husbands fav European city (mine so far is Rome) but lovely images!!!

  4. PS: would love to hear what you recommend
    renladyofthearts at gmail dot com
    We are also going to Brno to spend a few days to see the countryside- vineyards and hiking.

  5. Hello! Can I write comments in czech?? I'm from Olomouc. Prague is amazing city .)

  6. I am going to be in Prague this summer (and Karlovy Vary). Would LOVE any recommendations!!

  7. I adore Prague but it's been ages since I was there last - your amazing images makes me want to go straight back there! Lovely blog you have - I adore it so much I will follow you - please come see me sometime - maybe you'll like what I do and follow me too:)
    Happy monday
    A xx

  8. thank you Anya:), Barbara - samozrejme ze muses psat komenty v cestine:) and Ren and Lisa, hope that my following post about Prague helped, let me know!

  9. Great pictures) come to us in Prague often!)


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