a new idea

29 June 2011

This afternoon: me upstairs, my daughter Anya (just turned 3) downstairs. I can suddenly hear a lot of noise. I come downstairs and...
Me: what are you doing?
A: I just wanted to get that bus from the shelf..( pointing at a wooden bus on a shelf, which is now completetely broken, screws of the wall etc.)
Me: how did you do that?
A: ..?
Me: Hm...it's broken now...
A: I know, what about if we take scissors and paper and make a new one?
... Great thinking Anya, I think that might help :):):)...I love her so much..


  1. O she was in luck that she didn't hurt herself.
    And a wonderful idea!

    Good luck!

  2. Isn't it cute? We should write down all these little conversations. Best of all memories.


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