21 July 2011

holiday 1.

We got back couple of days ago and had a wonderful time at my parents country house. First open fire for Anya, walk in a forest, playing with my old dolls ( not me, only a bit:) lunches in the garden, sleep, sun, time with my family.
We are back only for couple of days ( I worked 17 hours yesterday to catch up :)) and are leaving to Spain on Saturday. This time with M. side of family. Hope you are having good week and here are  some interesting links for you.

absolutely wonderful and so very inspiring project - the makers, I spend about an hour there, if you love looking at others people work spaces, the perfume and whisky and flower and.....story...
( thank you Ines)

this feather lampshade

I wish a had time to do this manicure ( I mean it in a nice way, lovely)

I have been enjoying their blog a lot  and this video is so cool!

what a cute photo

yummy dress

great poster on my wish list

a song which A. loves, me too...



  1. Just found "IkeaFamilyLive" - and as I like to look at magazines again before I throw them away I found the article about your home and blog. I had to discover all of it immediately :)
    Thank you for some very inspiring ideas, the images are very well chosen!

  2. Wonderful pictures, as always. An inspiring family gathering.
    And enjoy Spain. Where are you going? I'm sure that you mentioned already, but still in Formentera myself, I'm too lazy to check :-)

  3. great blog..found you though liven things up..

  4. Your parent's home look great! I really like the paper shade. Have a great WE!

  5. Milá Veroniko, zpětně pročítám tvůj blog a ani nedutám. ...
    A! Ráda bych obdarovala budoucí nevěstu některým z Tvých obrazů - najdu někde prosím aktuální kompletní nabídku? Případně - zaslání do ČR - bylo by možné? Stihli bychom to do 3. září?

    Měj se moc fajn, Ty i celá rodina, líbíte se mi :).

    Taky Veronika.

  6. Such touching photos) singularities with children

  7. just inspiring pictures...and fine that you had/have a lovley family time...;)...and now i will discover your links...and merci for the little message...;)...take care and have a great trip to spain...cheers and hugs...i...

  8. absolutamente fantástico blog!

    greetings from Spain,

  9. Hi Veronika!

    I just found your blog and I love it!

  10. What a wonderful looking holiday and so much inspiraion on your blog. Thank you. I thought you might like these:

  11. Great pics! I love to see family photos, I believe that this is what living is all about.

  12. thank you all:) and Sylvie thanks for the tip!

  13. as always - great links -thanks

  14. Really enjoyed browsing the site for The Makers - very inspirational,thanks!

  15. lovely girl ......... beautiful daughter I am a new reader and your blog is darling xoxoxox love


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