31 October 2011

After a busy weekend I'm feeling very much under the weather and today wasn't the best day I have to say. I just wanted to say thank you to few blogger friends and customers which recently contacted me about people copying my personalised pictures. Initially I spent about an hour writing a post with photos about it, but it only left me more annoyed and negative so I decided not to post anything. Just maybe a tiny note for anyone who is lazier on their creative side...there is a huge difference between being inspired and just simply copying. But no more of that...
Have a great evening! and tomorrow will be a good day:)

photo 1 from here photo 3 from here


  1. i feel totally inspired by the mood of these photos...i hope you can enjoy the day tomorrow!

  2. Beautiful picture, and well done on making a lovely post out of what sounds an incredibly frustrating situation. Copying is flattering in that someone loves your ideas, but I bet that is only a small consolation.

  3. thank you, yes it's very frustrating...I do not mind at all if people are making them for their " personal use" but selling them on same websites as me, and sometimes copying full product description and one even a logo ( including colours!) that makes me very angry:( ...what can I do? perhaps just be always one step ahead:)


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