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21 October 2011

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this autumn? I normally stick to my uniform of navy, beige, white and black but this year I really enjoy wearing little pops of colour, especially in shoes. I bought red and mustard ones the other day, and love it...What about you? do you have a certain "uniform" or style which you stick to or are there any changes in your wardrobe this autumn? 

links for this weekend: 

pumpkin inspiration...for those who love to cook

loving these new wallpapers

how cool are these stickers? I like the flower and gold block one, great idea!

have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Wow, I have definitely been very boring in the wardrobe department! Especially like the first image with the bright pink high heels.... off to the shops...

  2. I love red heels, but I have only navy blue shoes :)

    Is this Anja Rubik in a black dress in the second picture on the left side from the bottom ?


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