DIY Pallet dining table

14 November 2011

Well finished DIY dining table. Even the "artwork" looks great! Found  here. Loads of similar ideas + great visual display ideas for shop owners or exhibition stands etc. 


  1. Is that artwork made of cardboard? I didn't notice it until I took a second glance.

  2. I know me too:) the room colour combination makes it quite effective..

  3. Hey! Thanks for posting & citing.

    Yes, the "artwork" is a piece of scrap cardboard... the rectangular shape is simply the result of a drippy pallet paint job...I posted on the "artwork" theme with some "Pollock D.I.Y" inspiration, check it out here:

    For more chic D.I.Y, pop by here:

    See you!

  4. I love that table!! The whole room looks great!!


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