3400 km apart

10 January 2012

Nicole lives in Toronto and her dad in Victoria, 3400 km apart. But together they created company called Herriott Grace. They sell beautifully crafted wooden bowls, spoons and boards. Have a look at their site... gentle styling, wonderful photography and most of all amazing story and products. 


  1. oh yes wonderful art...;)...by the way today i will thank you for all your wonderful inspirations here, my dear...and so mabye you would like to jump over to me and have a little look to my post today...thank you for be here...;)...cheers and hugs...i...

  2. If I could do this with my father, he also works with wood and I'd love to work with him one day!

  3. Oh I have seen these recently! So amazing...and the pictures...ahh...so beautiful! Thanks for reminding me of this great company.
    Greetings from Germany

  4. I love the relationship between the two of them and how they compliment each other. D x


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