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31 January 2012

After an email yesterday I found another person who is very much copying/ taking a lot of inspiration from my work. If you are not in a mood for this don't worry see you another time with more optimistic mood, but if you have couple of minutes please follow these links: 

+  my shop/work - started doing these pictures back in 2009

1. number 1- started 2011

2. number  2 - started 2010

3. number 3 - started 2011

4. number 4 - started 2011

5. number 5 - started 2010

6. number 6 - started 2010

7. number 7 - have even similar coloured logo:) - update - the owner of the shop took down their listings and changed logo since this post... what do you think? I have had emails in past about some of these from my customers and let it go, as it just made me feel worse dealing with it then better. But today I have been thinking about  it  and I'm simply I do understand the word is becoming very small with internet and all inspiration around us, and we all look at the same blogs, websites etc. But you just don't get the exactly same idea, in my case personalised hearts with initials, dates etc, half stuck hearts, hearts from books, in row of 7x6....

So apart from ventilating this on my personal blog I won't do anything else I just hope...they step on a lego one point ( and nothing personal)....

photo from here


  1. Ugh- that one with the similar logo- yikes! Does etsy have ways to deal with copying? The one I have is from you<3

  2. Oh that's SOOOO dodgy! That last one is a doozy. I find etsy decidedly unhelpful with anything regarding standing up for their sellers' rights.
    I hope they step on one of the really sharp pieces.

  3. I think you and Your work are wonderful!

  4. I've seen similar things around lots of places - but put together as a collection then it looks suspiciously like copying, especially that one with same logo!

    Not nice. :(

  5. :( That's really unfair. Try to contact Regretsy? They often 'deal' with copycats... Just a though.

  6. It's too bad, and quite rude--but:

    Have you ever seen a fake Louis Vuitton bag? Next to a real one? Then have you noticed the person carrying the fake? Versus the one who has a real bag....Let those people serve up those kinds of customers.

    Unfortunately people endorse copycats by purchasing what's trendy even if it isn't the real thing. Manufacturers of all walks do make (amongst many things) many versions of a knock-off Saarinen table and sure, a table is a table, but nothing is quite like the real thing. And when you have a real one--the difference is monumentally huge: The lines, the texture, paint, the swirls in the marble, all the tiny details add up to an unmeasurable amount of class. The real thing suddenly makes more sense when compared to a failing line-up of imposters.

    Don't sweat it, keep it real...everyone can spot a fake.

  7. My departed grandmother often said a dictum,
    "The sky knows, the earth knows, and I knows."
    (天知る、地知る、我知る in Japanese)

    As Ms. Speck thoughtfully writes (which encouraged
    me, too!), I believe that the real thing that
    someone created with great effort shows its
    presence by itself, because it is backed with
    huge time and effort.

    The joy of creation, accomplishment and fulfilment
    can only be felt by those who produce for themselves!

  8. Veronika, I love your blog and admire your work on etsy shop and I agree with you, let them do what they do (some of the copy cats are pretty poor!), you are the original. Look at it from the positive angle: you are an icon like Luis Vuitton :-)

  9. you have to be a step forward. Hearts are everywhere, maybe time for something else?

  10. thanks everyone:) and yes to anonymous I know there is a loads of heart everywhere, and I agree with you being step ahead, but still it's annoying that someone claims they come up with something original when they just simply copying my ideas and gaining out of my days of work and energy....but HEY at least Luis Vuitton didn't start making hearts pictures and sell thousands of them, then I would really send them big piece of lego...:)

  11. Its annoying..very annoying. They say copying is the best form of flattery however we have experienced this ourselves and are also a seller through NOTHS and we got upset when suddenly lots of people were selling same as us.

    Im not sure there is anything you can do other than tip a whole bucket of lego onto the floor and watch them trip :-)

    Stay positive!

  12. Milá Veroniko,

    snad nevadí, že píšu česky : ),

    není to na nějakou soudní dohru?
    V autorských právech se nevyznám - ale vykrádání je to nezpochybnitelný. A na to něco přeci musí být. Krom kostičky lega : ).

    A jinak: děkuju za tvůj blog, fotky, nápady. Prostě KRÁSA.

    Ať se daří a ať ti nikdo tvoji práci nemaří : ).

    Taky Veronika

  13. I would do something V. That last one with the logo is taking the p***!
    This must be awful for you :(

  14. Hi Sarah & Bendix,

    Would it be worth contacting a copyright lawyer and sending a few letters out? To me they look like they are plain out copying. Love your designs!!! Keep up the good work x

  15. Hi Veronika! I think that this all means that you do something really well! Who want to copy something which no one likes? They just hop on the bandwagon. Please keep in mind that you are your own brand you sell your art through the person you are, through your blog and photos... you are unique! And you know that! Don't be upset just go ahead with what you do, you do it right! Love A.

  16. why do people do this?! do they have no shame? i would do what you can do make things right. i'll share this post on my blog in hopes that it will help just a little.

  17. I'm sorry to see your designs being ripped off - especially the last one ... they are shoddily made, which is quite clear to see in their photos, and your work is wonderful.

    However, I have to say that you are not the first person to use these hearts like this ... I ran a gift shop in London in the early 80s and we sold incredibly similar little box frames of hearts from books made by a local artist maker ... Who can say what is truly original ... most things are derived.

    In the end, I'm afraid if you put it out there on the internet you are open to copycats. If you have it in a bricks and mortar shop you are open to copycats. Creativity is like that!

    The thing to keep in your heart is that your work is beautiful and unique to you.

  18. Well I think that you have got the right to contact all these people one by one and have a word with them, at the end of the day they are not big high street shops (more difficult to deal with them) but individuals such as ourselves. I hope they can sleep knowing that you and the other exist. I am yet to see some of my designs being copied, I know I will at some point, that is the risk we take when selling online, exhibit at shows and having such a spread presence online, but that fact does not give anyone the right to copy our work. If it helps I have to say that your original work reminds the best among the copycats. Shame on them!!! Marga

  19. i like to inspire myself in a lot a blogs, and we all need some inspiration and see new ideas, but this is pure and only a copy...shame on celadon... you rock!!!!
    Alex from Portugal


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