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17 April 2012

at my parents.074
at my parents.077at my parents.078
I love going back to my parents. It's always a reminder of things which really matter in life. Time spent together, time given to each other, simple things in life which really makes the difference and at the end of the day moments we will always remember. Anya spent the whole Easter break there this time, and I stayed at the beginning and the end of her trip. She loved it. Most of all, the time my parents gave her, making and doing things together. Every morning she played with my dad a game with a couple of plastic figurines from their old printers box. 3 tiny toys, 1.5 hour talking and playing, she din't need anything else. No toys, no TV, just the two them talking. 

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  1. Sounds perfect. My little man has a printers tray too and it is a constant source of inspiration and play.


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