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8 April 2012

As we are spending this weekend without our family and at home I have managed to do loads of stuff. Finished some DIY projects, went to see two exhibitions, few dinners, a concert and so far done two longer runs as well. And yeh...I cut my middle finger quite badly...
Today I went to V&A, to see British Design 1948-2012, I'm not a massive retro fan, but it was great to see how British design evolved and really how for the last 20 years it seems to me we are only tweaking and changing things that have already been done before. I personally like the late 50s and 60s fashion and design the most. Skinny trousers and minidresses, simple lines, to me it all looked quite cool and I can see myself wearing and living in it. And although I'm not into cars at all I massively admired Jaguar E type, which was there as well,  seriously beautiful car.
Afterwards I went to National Portrait Gallery to Lucien Freud exhibition (top left). I used to paint and strong strokes and confidence in his paintings made me feel that I would love to start again. I prefer his earlier work, less dramatic and in all honesty less big naked ladies. On a way back I read Elle Deco where I came across Sonia Rykiel new fabric  (top right) for the second time this week, and I like it a lot....


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