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30 April 2012

Yesterday I tried to persuade Anya (almost 4) that being cool is better then being just pretty. She was refusing to wear something I chose and was desperate to wear  a pink skirt which is becoming very small but still her very favourite. It was something like that:
me: "can you wear this please?"
A: "no I want to wear this pink skirt !" ( pulling out skirt which I hid at the bottom of her draw)
me: "come on, you wear this all the time... this is (pointing at skinny jeans and in my opinion very cool top) much better, it looks really cool!"
A: " but I don't want be cool! I want be pretty!"
me: " but being cool, it's better then just being pretty........blah blah...etc.

It's sometimes hard to fight with Barbie, even if the only one we have at home is on DVD and is a surfer...so sort of cool:)

all photos from here, layout and words  by me


  1. Pretty post! And than thay come into other stage: My favourite colour is black and purple. So enjoyed the pink stage as long as possible :-)

  2. I have a little girl too, and I can´t image those moments... but they surely come...Don´t give up... =)


  3. I´ll be following on facebook, so if you want to visit or follow back my blog you´ll be very welcome...


  4. great post! neon is the best<3

  5. Here in Hertfortfordshire there's so much rain at the moment, we dont have that problem- jeans and wellies everyday! Hugs, B x

  6. Exactly the same conversations at my house with Ruby 3.5 yrs. its all about pink, sparkle and purple. She has the most gorgeous 'cool' clothes that hand in her wardrobe, and the same pink t-shirt (too tight now), pink toursers (too short now) and white ballet skirts come out day after day after day! "I want to be pink" or "I want to look pretty" is all she says!

  7. natalia I know what you mean we have one all in black at home as well ( 18 year old:)


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