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28 May 2012

Nikole from Herriot Grace started  a new series on her blog called for the love of pie. As you might have noticed from my posts I'm not a huge cook but its one of the things I would like to change this year. I tell myself its because of lack of time but honestly it's all about prioritising. 
First of the guest series on Nikole's blog is from Nathan & Katie Williams. They are couple behind Kinfolk Magazine and remind me very much my sister and her partner and also my friend Aud. In my eyes they are people who enjoy cooking (my sisters boyfriend is a wonderful baker:), live in smaller moments, and mainly have something very calm about them. I aspire that very much as I feel I'm constantly running somewhere, being impatient and restless. 
Head over here to find how to bake this apple pie. 
have a good day!
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