orange dress

12 June 2012

I feel like I'm slowly becoming British and talk about weather all the time. But how awful! It's middle of June and it's cold and rainy, I saw people wearing boots and winter coats today. Just so....whatever..
So in that really grey and depressing mood and weather I love to find images like this. I saw the first photo a while ago and loved it straight away. I'm not into orange that much but who wouldn't love that dress? I certainly do. And they look so happy, relaxed...and cool. But let's not ruin a nice evening with my moaning. have a good one!...The full wedding story over here. 

And have you noticed my new design? thank you so much Ana from Blog Milk.


  1. I recently bought an orange dress. Can't wait to wear it when I have a little tan and the sun is shining.
    And great new blog style too.

  2. Love it! So fashionable and beautiful!


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