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1 June 2012

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A. is turning 4 next week and we are throwing a party for her. Last three years we had smaller family parties or bigger barbecues, but it was more for us really. As she started preschool this year she can invite more friends and have proper kids fun. I really want to make it special for her so I have been thinking about themes and decorations. And in the end there won't any  theme as she had hard time to decide between pirates or fairies, I will stick to loads of entreating bits and pieces, and have fun with decorations. 
I collected these images to be inspired by colours, which is going to be yellow, pale pink, bluey greeny colours. There is so many great ideas out there and if only I had more time, I would love make those lolly invitations, bake cloud shaped cookies, make cakes ...the list would go on. 
So far I made these invitations (the last photo) and thinking about presents. Any recommendations for 4 year old girl? she is not massively into dolls, she loves creating, painting, drawing, climbing trees, reading and swimming.


  1. What lovely inspiration here. I think I might just have to use the lollipop invites for Ruby's party later this year.
    Ruby has just started to get into her dolls, but normally she wants another ball to add to her collection, necklaces and rings, all things pretty for her hair and I have a feeling she'll be requesting a Barbie this year (so far we've managed to keep them at bay!).

  2. This is a fantastic moodbaord for the party! I love it! Good luck with the preparations!

    I've also added you to my Printerest :-)

    Love Lisanne

  3. Aně přeju krásné a nezapomenutelné narozeniny!

    A sice pozdě, ale třeba s inspirací do budoucna:

    : )

  4. Hi, try this they make some amazing artsy craftsy things and as my little one isnt into the dolls as well she still is girly girl and loves to go crazy with thouse

    Also when she was 4 we gave her this: and she did not let go since

    and this year for her 5th i am considering this

    Have a lovely party and all the best. vero

  5. thanks to all for your suggestions!


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